The 5 W’s

Hey Everyone, I’m Haylee.

I am a 22 year old graduate who’s trying to figure out what in the hell she wants to do with her life. It’s scary, you know, realizing your kind of an adult now.. and actually need to do things with your life. And not just things… Adult things! Things I was always in a rush to do growing up, now I’m here like… ehh I’d rather not. Its so funny to think back on how I was always dying to be older and little did I know what that really meant. Budgets, Responsibilities, Bills, Planning for my future!?!? What?? Sense when?

Being that the reality of adulthood is hitting me square in the face, I realized something. Although life is going to start handing me limes instead of lemons, THIS IS MY TIME! Whatever I could possibly want can be in my hands! Anything I have ever wanted or needed I can go and get.

So I thought, “Haylee what do you…”

And before I could questioning myself it was there, beaming through my head clear as day!


Well… Maybe my initial thought was skinny…

But after connecting similar thoughts, thats what I wanted to be HEALTHY.

Gosh, how I’ve wanted this my WHOLE LIFE!

I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable in my own skin anymore. 22 years and I’ve had enough! Enough of being jealous of girls who could wear booty short and not have their butt rolls hangout the bottom, girls who can show off their arms in a cute sundress and not feel like a bird flipping in the wind, to wear a two piece bathing suit and NOT think twice about it!

I know… I know… don’t compare yourself to other girls, but its not like that. Its not that I want to be other girls. I just envy what they have.

And after years and years of failed diets, inconsistent workouts and thinking that I’ll wakeup and my dream will have come true. I will not longer chase my dream. I will live my dream! I will have the things I want! I will not hold my self back any longer!

Thats when I decided to make a life change.

A pursuit to happiness through the path of Paleo.



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2 thoughts on “The 5 W’s”

  • Love this❤️ Very inspiring!! Can’t wait to follow your journey!! Why Paleo? So many options out there, what benefits made you decide on this route to health?

    • Thank you so much! There are so many reasons why I chose paleo. One being its got limits and I tend to need a strict guide line on things. If you give me an inch I will take a mile so i like that it is very specific. Its also very rich in nutrients, thats the bases of the diet itself, to provide your body with all those vitamins and nutrients. I use to eat SO TERRIBLY! food with little to no nutrient value, lots of fast and convent and fried foods. You would also be surprised at how much amazing food you can eat! we eat amazing meals every day! Its really fun and i feel good making the food thats going to make me feel good in the future.

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