New Years in August?


It’s been almost 7 months since I last posted something. Ironically enough… I think my last post was about how I was going to try to post more. Sigh…. *shrugs*

Now, as the late and great Aaliyah advised me, I will brush my self off and try again, try again.

For the past month I’ve been marinating thoughts on a few things. Let me take a few steps back…

In June my family and I embarked on a trip I had only been dreaming of since I was 8 years old to South Africa. I had been then as a young girl and it had showed me so many new perspectives on life, the world and people. It’s almost astounding how easy it is to forget that there is so much of the world around us then the bubble we reside in. It almost makes me sick to think how easily it is to just conform to some concept of life here that is just your body going through motions of what “seems right”.

So over the past month I have been replaying this image. How on the ride to the airport, on the way home, I was just sad. Literally upset to come home. not just because South Africa is this magically place I dream to live one day, but because of where only a few hours of travel later would bring me.

My reality. My day-to-day life.

Yikes… It’s rough to think about. To think about how easily I’ve developed this routine of things I DON’T EVEN WANT TO BE DOING. Oh my gosh. What am I even doing? Not at all going after the things I want. Haylee get it together.

So I quit my job. Just quit. It was time for me to move forward. I was going to start my own thing. Then something magical happened. That same day, THAT SAME DAY PEOPLE, I received an email about a job opportunity for a company I had been fantasizing about working for. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

If I ever needed any reassurance that you create your own destiny, that was it. You bring forth the energy you want in your life. It’s all about action. Just start.

So I started my online company. Clover & Co.

Now here I am. Just a girl, with a blog, an online shop, and a dresser top full of some insanely bad ass earrings, (the shop, you mean you haven’t clicked to check it out yet?!) and a few more dreams I want to chase.


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