Mid-Week Motivation #2 Learning to Say No

It's only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important

Mid-Week Motivation #2

Learning to Say No

This week’s Mid-Week Motivation is a quote by Steve Jobs.

“Its only by saying “No” that you can concentrate

 on the things that are really important”


This is EVERYTHING I need to hear right now! Recently I have been saying yes to everything that has come my way. In return I am in way over my head, overwhelmingly stressed out and focusing on one, two many things that aren’t at the upmost importance.

This has always been something I struggled with. I just can’t say no to people. Almost ever.

Part of that is because I am a people pleaser. I like to make other people happy. Making other people happy does truly make me a happier person.

Also I have a weird desire to be the best at everything, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!

I have always wanted to be the girl that could do it all.

I always want to impress people.

I never want to have to depend on anyone, I want to know how to do things on my own and be able to be great at it.

The problem is, when you overwhelm yourself with so many tasks, you start to diminish quality in all of the other task. You ant able to be your 100% best at every single thing.

This is what has worn me thin. Because although I can’t give my 100% I am still trying to give my 100%, and its just not happening.

I am starting to see how this is negatively effecting my everyday life.

Sense we have moved to Lafayette I tried to fill the void of feeling foreign to a new city by trying to absorb all my time into anything I could. I picked up all these task and things to do. Now they are starting to conflict.

I told myself I need to stop. I need to push through the things I have started without reaching out for more and more to load on my shoulders.

Today I finally said no to adding another thing to my week.

And i have to be honest, it didn’t feel so good. It made me feel uncomfortable and guilty. I felt like I was letting someone down and that I could have just been making an excuse.

But the truth of the matter is if I would have said yes, I would have not been able to put my 100% in. The person would have been upset with the quality of presence I wouldn’t have been able to give.

That would have made me upset with myself and started a vicious cycle.

What I am trying to say is it is okay to say no when your plate is completely full. You don’t need to keep layering things on top and pushing things aside to make room. Know your limits and don’t overwork them. Push them little but don’t bust through them.

Don’t burn yourself out. You’ve only just begun.


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