Mid-Week Motivation #1 The Bathroom Situation


Mid-Week Motivation #1

The Bathroom Situation


Happy Wednesday Everyone! I think I’m starting to get sick. Either from the weather change or all the dust we keep knocking up from renovating our bathroom. I’ve decided to start a segment called #midweekmotivation just to help push us all through the second half of the week.

This weeks motivation is ” Mistakes are portals of discovery.” This is super relevant to me right now in terms of our renovating. We are all first time renovators and are choosing a more DIY approach to the house. It’s been a GREAT learning experience. We are gaining new skills and figuring out what makes a house tick.

Being beginners at this, we are always running into some “speed bumps” or hick-ups”. We will head to the store by everything we need and hope to finish a project in a few hours. We eagerly start on the project to soon find out something is going to need WAY more time than we thought.

This weekend it was our vent in our bathroom. We were so excited to start working on the bathroom. We made our list of everything we needed to do and went to work. Very shortly after our start, less than an hour, we found out that our vent just lead to a whole in our ceiling that was stuffed with insulation. There was no air duct to direct it out into the attic. So The boys set off to get the supplies to direct the airflow out. After a few hours and some headaches they were able to install a duct. We were so excited.

Little time did that excitement last when we realized the vent cover didn’t fit. The original vent in the ceiling was so old. It desperately needed to be brought up to date. When we went to the store we found a cover we liked, headed home and tried to fit it. It was too small. This happened 3 more times! Headed to the store to return and buy a new one just to find it won’t fit. Addison was starting to get very frustrated. Luckily His parents had come in to visit for a few days and his father was determined to fix the vent situation.


With a bit of McGuyvering we think we have it figured out. Soon we will be able to tell after the roof is repainted and we go to attach the cover.


I’ll be posting about our whole bathroom renovation once we have it complete! Stay tuned to see how it all turns out and if any more “speed bumps” come our way.

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