7 Things You Wish Your Non-Paleo Friends Understood.


It’s a LIFESTYLE not a diet!

Yes, yes, I know… A diet is defined as: food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health. You’re right, it is  a diet, but not a “FAD” diet. It didn’t just come in to the picture recently. People have been eating paleo for quite a while, it dates all the way back to the Paleolithic Era, hints the name.

It’s a lifestyle because it’s a form of eating that you adapt to and incorporate into your daily life. It’s not a temporary thing like a juice cleanse or a fast. It’s a permanent way of eating, like veganism or vegetarianism.

There are different types of Paleo eaters.

It’s not always black and white, everyone has their own paleo path.

You have the people who have an intolerance, who literally couldn’t eat dairy or gluten even if they wanted too.

You have your AIPs (auto immune paleo). These are people with autoimmune conditions or advanced health issues. They eat a more specified version of paleo that doesn’t involve eggs, nuts and some vegetables.

You have your weight loss paleos who eat more low carb. They tend to stay away from starches and fats like sweet potatoes and avocados

Your normal paleos who have a more customized style of eating. This is how me and my boyfriend eat. We may eat some “not so paleo” type foods like white potatoes, beans, and alcohol. But for the most part try to stay gluten and dairy free.

The cool thing about it, like everything else in life, you customize it and fit it to your life and what works best for you. What’s good for someone isn’t right for others.

It’s not difficult for the reasons you’d think.

A lot of people think eating paleo is hard because you don’t eat gluten or dairy. For most people, that means giving up their two favorite things, bread and cheese! And yes, it is hard  the first two weeks but you get so used to it. Trust me, I was the person that ate cheese and/or bread at every meal, it’s not impossible to just say no. Its all about your will-power. After you get use to it and realize how much better your body feels, you will be HOOKED!

Stop focusing on what you can’t eat and start focusing on what you can. You will be in for a total surprise. You can eat way more things than you can’t. It doesn’t mean you have to totally stop eating the foods you love, you just have to learn how to tweak them. We eat amazing meals everyday that are full of nutrients and super delicious.

The hardest part of eating paleo, which isn’t even that hard, is just maintaining it. Knowing what you’re going to eat and having all the ingredients and the time. It’s quite an adjustment to get use to preparing a meal at EVERY MEAL. Whether you are combining all the ingredients for a salad or cooking up some fish, you have to take the time to get something together. Paleo and convince don’t go hand in hand. If you plan ahead, it’s not so hard. I have found making weekly meal plans and grocery list can really pay off. Saves you time. Saves you money.

You can eat everything we can, but we can’t eat everything you can.

This one is almost kind of silly to me. So I have been sharing recipes on my blog and when I go to title them I always catch myself either hesitate or feeling weird about throwing Paleo in the title. I feel like putting that limits the audience. Yes, it’s a paleo recipe, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t eat it. For example I could have “Paleo Salmon with Cauliflower rice” but in reality is just “Salmon and Cauliflower Rice”. Everyone can eat that, unless that have a specific diet restriction that limits them.

Being that it is a paleo blog, and that I’m trying to provide paleo recipes I will still label them that way. But that doesn’t mean you have to be paleo to eat these dishes. I mean, you eat all this stuff anyway. We are just using our ingredients in different ways than you typically would. We will eat our fajitas without a tortilla. Our guac without a chip, a burger wrapped in lettuce.

Eating out is not even worth it.

Eating out might just be the most annoying thing when eating paleo. We never go out to eat because it’s just the absolute worst. Nothing is ever just paleo. The easiest thing to get is a salad, but you don’t always just want a salad and even if you get a salad you have to make sure they don’t have a dairy based dressing, and the chicken is grilled not breaded. Basically you have to be that annoying person who has to over specify their order. Meanwhile everyone at your table and the waiter are giving you a look. Ordering at a restaurant goes a little something like this:

“Can I have the bacon burger, but no bun. Actually do you have like full lettuce leaves? If so can I have my burger wrapped in those. Oh, you don’t? Just the shredded lettuce? Oh, okay. Can I have my burger just sitting on top of a pile of lettuce? Yeah, and I’d like it medium well please. And no cheese, we don’t eat cheese. Aaaaaand can you just put the sauces on the side. Just ketchup and mustard please. Oh, and I get a side. uhm…….. do you have sweet potato fries? No? Just French fries….? Are they baked? Could you bake them? Actually no just nevermind….. uhm can I sub in some mixed veggies? But can you cook them in oil not butter, unless you have ghee than I’d like the ghee please.”

Pretty ridiculous, am I right? No one is going to enjoy that. Not me, Not you, definitely not the waitress. So lets just not.

Also having to be so specific with our order suck because by the time we have chosen a dish, you have to remove half of the things on the plate and still pay full price! UGH NO! I’m getting angry just thinking about it.

Cooking is a passion of ours.

When you are eating a specific way and eating out is out of the picture you become an amature chef. No really, I have always liked to cook but changing my eating habits has really advanced my cooking skills. I think of it more artistically, I want to try new things, new flavor combinations, try new foods. We get so invested into the dishes we make that we find ourselves trying to plate the food nicely and garnish the top, only to walk a few steps to the couch before we devour it. We just get so excited about cooking. We are very proud of the art that goes into each dish. And we want you to enjoy it. So if we get the chance to cook for you, we will try to impress you.

We know how to overcome obstacles.

If anyone knows how to McGuyver  a meal together, its us. We have gotten so used to having to sub things out for other things. Squash instead of noodles, Nutritional yeast for cheese, cauliflower for rice or a binding agent, coconut milk for milk or cream, Bananas for baking and ice cream making. It might be more of a process, but its way healthier and it taste amazing.


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